Troubleshooting Common Issues in 4-Sided Moulders: Solutions and Prevention

by:V-hold Machinery      2023-06-21

Troubleshooting Common Issues in 4-Sided Moulders: Solutions and Prevention

4-Sided moulders are important pieces of equipment in woodworking factories, including furniture production units, millwork, and others. They are responsible for making four-sided moulded lumber used in furniture and crating of finished products. The devices have revolving cutter heads with 4 to 10 spindles, depending on the machine's manufacturer. Cutting and shaping the lumber require precision, accuracy, and well-adjusted machines to make quality products. However, sometimes, as with all mechanical devices, 4-sided moulders may develop issues that may affect the outcome of the final product. This article will explore common problems with 4-sided moulders and their solutions and prevention methods.

Uneven Feed Rate

Uneven feed rate is a common issue in 4-sided moulders. It can occur if the power of the motor is not sufficient or if the feed rollers are worn out. Feeding lumber into the machine at uneven rates may cause excess stress on the machine cutter heads, resulting in poor quality products. The speed at the beginning and the end of the lumber may be different, leading to uneven products. Moreover, the feed rate also affects the smoothness of the finish.

Solutions and Prevention

To solve the problem, operators should ensure that the motor can provide the necessary torque for the machine's feed rollers. The motor should provide a constant speed, and if the rollers are worn out, they should be replaced. Also, to prevent damage to the rollers, the operator must ensure that the lumber is well-guided to avoid jams. The lumber should also be straight, with no twists or bows. Finally, operators should ensure the feed rollers are clean, and the feed rate is consistent throughout the process.

Inaccurate Depth of Cut

Depth of cut refers to the thickness of the wood removed with a single pass of the cutter. If the cutter's depth is not accurate, it may lead to a rough finish, longer processing time, or even accidents. Shallow cuts will require several passes, leading to unnecessarily long production time, while deeper cuts may break the machine itself or the lumber.

Solutions and Prevention

To solve the problem of inaccurate depth of cut, the operator should ensure that the knives are well-sharpened, and they have the correct dimensions. The height-adjustment mechanism should be checked and calibrated, and the machine settings should be verified before the start of each job. Also, the operator must ensure that the lumber is flat on the bed to prevent parts of the lumber from being cut more deeply than others. Finally, the operator should verify that the knives are set correctly in the correct position.


Snipe is a problem that occurs when a small amount of wood is removed from the end of the lumber as it passes through the machine. The end of the lumber becomes thinner, which may affect the final product if not corrected.

Solutions and Prevention

To prevent snipe, operators must ensure that the infeed and outfeed tables are at the same height. Proper adjustment of the knives' position is also essential in preventing snipe. Additionally, the operator should support long pieces of lumber during the feeding process to ensure that the material is always in contact with the bed. If snipe does occur, the operator can adjust the height of the outfeed table to remove the thin end of the lumber.


Kickback is a very dangerous problem that may occur with 4-sided moulders. It occurs when the lumber is ejected from the machine forcefully. This may occur when the operator feeds the lumber into the machine too quickly or if the knives are dull. The lumber may rebound and fly back towards the operator, causing injuries or accidents.

Solutions and Prevention

To prevent kickback, operators should maintain sharp knives to ensure that the lumber cuts cleanly. Proper training of machine operation is imperative to prevent accidents. The operator should also ensure that the lumber is held securely during the feeding process and that the lumber is properly supported. The feed rate should not be too fast, especially with larger lumber, as that may cause the lumber to be ejected from the machine.

Dirty Machine

Dirt, debris, and oil build-up in the machine may lead to poor quality products. Over time, the build-up may cause jams, snipe, kickbacks, or even accidents. If not prevented, the build-up may damage the machine's parts, leading to costly repairs.

Solutions and Prevention

To prevent dirt and debris from building up, operators should clean the machine regularly. Clean any debris and wood shards after each work session. Operators should also use a good quality dust collection system to collect any sawdust and chips. Additionally, regular oiling of the moving parts will keep the machine running smoothly and prevent the build-up of dirt and dust.


Machines may develop issues, and 4-sided moulders are not an exception. However, most common issues can be prevented or resolved with proper maintenance and awareness. Operators should be trained to operate and maintain the machine correctly to prevent accidents and improve the quality of the finished products. To maintain high-quality productions, operators must understand the machine's limitations and adjust the machine settings accordingly. Regular inspection of the machines will identify any irregularities and allow operators to repair or replace parts before more extensive damage occurs. Finally, checking the machine settings before each job will ensure the quality of the finished products.

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