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Heavy duty 4-sided planer VH-M640

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VH-M640 international heavy-duty 4 sided planer

400mm working thickness four-sided planer is mainly used for oversized wooden houses,wooden beams,glued wood,building timber structures and solid heavy cutting and ultra wide linear machining of laminated wood.

Product features:

1.High power permanent magnet motor directly connected with heavy-duty reducer,providing strong power for the large size of wood conveying.

2.The left and right vertical axis adopts double-layer work table design, the axial adjustment amount  is up to Φ30mm, can be installed 2 sets of cutting tools,improve the processing flexibility.

3.All the 4 feeding wheel, side pressure wheel and the front and rear plates of the horizontal cutter axis are adopted pneumatic pressing mode, the pressure is adjustable,and the operation is convenient.

3.The moving adjustment of the cutter axis adopts pneumatic locking mode, and is linked with the electric mechanism, safe and reliable, and simplifies the operation.

4.The spindle is equipped with high power motor, driven by the synchronous belt, which can realize strong cutting.

5.The second lower cutter axis can be installed with a diameter of up to Φ250mm saw blade, and is equipped with a separate electric lifting pneumatic pressing upper plate device, expanding the processing range.

6.Electric pump can be timing, quantitative (adjustable) lubrication workbench,manual pump centralized lubrication equipment displacement parts.

7.Equipped with international brand electrical components, good stability.

8.Fully enclosed protective cover, effectively avoid sawdust splash and isolation noise,and play a role in safety protection.

Machine function

The left and right vertical axies adopt a double-layer worktable design,

and the diameter of each spindle are φ50mm,each blade shaft is 

equipped with external bearings,with a large load-bearing capacity. 

It is powerful feeding system composed of multiple sets of upper 

feeding wheels with a diameter of 180mm and multiple sets of lower 

supporting rollers.

The second lower blade shaft can be installed with a diameter of up to φ250mm saw blade is equipped with a separate electric lifting and 

pneumatic clamping upper pressure plate device,and the rear 

pressure plate of the upper blade shaft is separated from the upper 

plate of the rear lower shaft. The processing of the rear lower shaft is 

stable.Large processing range.

High power permanent magnet motor direct connected heavy-duty 

reducer,providing powerful support for transporting large-sized wood 

materials power. The feeding is lifted into a cylindrical column.The 

stability of the feeding structure has been greatly improve.

The electric spindle operation panel is equipped with a touch screen,

and all axis positions can display the current position value.Each 

electric shaft is equipped with a separated adjustment button.Digital

operation,intuitive fast and convenient.

Machine specification


Machine parametersWorking width(mm)80-400
Working thickness(mm)


In-feed-table length(mm)2000
Feeding speed(m/min)6~28
Spindle diameter(mm)φ50
Spindle revolution speed(r/min)6000(horizontal axis 5500)
Air pressure(Mpa)0.6
Motor power(kw)1st Bottom spindle
Right vertical spindle15kw/2HP
Left vertical spindle
1st Top spindle15kw/2HP
2nd Top spindle15kw/2HP
2nd Bottom spindle
Top spindle lifting(0.75kw/1HP)*2
Feeding beam lifting1.5kw/1HP
Feeding motor11kw/15HP
Total power103.42kw/140HP
Spindle diameter(mm)1st Bottom spindle
Right vertical spindleφ160~φ230
Left vertical spindle
1st Top spindleφ160~φ230
2nd Top spindleφ160~φ230
2nd Bottom spindle
Feeding wheel diamter(mm)φ140
Dust outlet diameter(mm)φ140
Overall dimensions(mm)L5600*W2200*H2000
Air volume14000m³/h

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