Double Side Planner

V-hold double side planer machine adopts a design of simultaneous planning on both sides, which greatly improves processing efficiency. Our sided planer uses an intelligent control system to achieve exact planing and smoothing effects. 

V-hold 2 sided planer with the features below:

- A CNC machining centre processes the cast iron lathe bed with good shock absorption and stability to provide a foundation for the cutter axis and feeding.

- The crawler-type elastic claw (equipped with a lifting function) can select the pressing distance of the elastic claw according to the thickness and degree of curvature of the wood, greatly improving the processing accuracy of the workpiece and delivering powerful materials.

- The standard carbide spiral cutter shaft and high-precision imported bearings provide a healthy heart for the whole machine.

- The upper and lower feeding pressure rollers of the planning part are linked to feeding the material, and the thrust force is strong and balanced.

- The cutter shaft, pressure roller and stable feeding mechanism on the machine tool are equipped with manual fine-tuning and motorized mechanisms to enable rapid and accurate positioning.

- The work surface is specially treated with hard chrome plating, which is wear-resistant and smooth.

- Imported electrical components are used to make the whole machine control sensitive and safe.

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