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Where to Purchase Top Multi Rip Saw Machines?

Where to Purchase Top Multi Rip Saw Machines?


A multi-rip saw is a woodworking machine to produces multiple parallel cuts in the wood. It is used on both small and large scales. Rip saw use in lumber mills to efficiently produce parallel boards from larger timber pieces is quite common.

Rip saw machines are revolutionizing the woodworking industry. They are capable of slicing through the workpiece at great precision. A little bit of understanding of these machines, and you are on course to get things quickly at great precision and efficiency.

In this blog article, we will look into rip saw machines, the best products available on the V-Hold, the incredible benefits of rip saw machines, and FAQs. Let's explore the world of these automated machines in depth!

What are Rip Saw Machines?

Rip Saws are powerful tools that can slice through lumber along the grain. Understanding the importance of rip saw machines, regardless of whether you're a seasoned woodworker or a rookie, you can unlock your potential because time is money. Efficiency is the key to cash on time.

With multi rip saw automated tools, you can ensure accurate and professional cuts delivering professional-level results. They make woodworking tasks speedier, boost productivity, and enable craftsmen to work on large projects conveniently.

Rip saw machines have advanced safety features, and protect operators that minimize risks of accidents. Versatility allows you to function in diverse woodworking applications. These features make use of rip saw machines indispensable.

Best Multi Rip Saw Machines 

VH-MJ164 Single/Multi (Rip Saw)


VH-MJ164 is an automatic lubrication and accurate fence and lock system rip saw machine.


● Maximum working thickness 120

● Cutting width 660 mm

● Main spindle revolution (r/min) 3000

● Feeding speed (m/min) 11-26

● Feeding motor power (kw) 2.2

● Working table sizer (mm) 2000>x1160


VH-MJ164 is used for several purposes including the:

● It is used to cut large boards for construction work.

● VH-MJ164 use is common in cutting wood pieces for furniture making.

● It is used to make straight cuts parallel to the wood grain.

● You can cut structural components in a consistent width.

Pros and Cons


● Capable of ripping pieces simultaneously

● A suitable product for both single and multiple rip cuts

● Delivers accurate and precise cuts

● Adjustable width depending on projects

● Sturdy construction to ensure durability and longevity


● Multi-rip saw machines, especially high capacity can be expensive.

● Space requirements

VH-MJ163 Single/Multi Rip Saw 


The VH-MJ163 Single/Multi Rip Saw is a woodworking machine to gives single and multi-rip cuts.


● Max. working thickness (mm) 80

● Cutting width (mm) 410

● Main spindle revolution (r/min) 3300

● Feeding speed (m/min) 7-19

● Feeding motor power (kw) 1.5

● Main motor power (kg) 7.5

● Working table sizer (mm) >1720>x912


This is a versatile woodworking machine that can be used in various applications.

     ● Ideal product for ripping large panels or boards.

           ● You can produce planks of consistent width.

           ● It is suitable for cutting wood pieces of precise dimensions.

           ● It is used in furniture manufacturing to cut high volumes in consistent size

Pros and Cons


● Speedily cut through multiple wood pieces.

● Accurate results dimensions accordingly

● Intuitive design to work on a different range of projects.

● Customizable width to meet specific requirements.


● Heavy initial investment

● May require maintenance

VH-ML9321 Multiple Rip Saw with Double-side Planer 


VH-ML9321 is a delightful woodworking machine for professional woodworkers. Its versatile design makes it a deserving product to buy.


● 40mm top Spindle diameter

● 6000r/min Bottom spindle rotation rate

● 4000r/min Cutting spindle rotation rate

● 210mm Max. Working width

● 70mm Max. Working thickness

● 300mm Max. Saw blade diameter

● 0.6 Mpa Air pressure

● 4-18m/min Feeding speed


VH-ML9321 brings peace of mind to professional woodworkers providing diverse uses.


● Commonly used to get narrow strips or boards.

● Gives a smooth and even surface for planing

● It is used for shaping and sizing wood.  

Pros and Cons


● Consistently efficient for planing and ripping.

● The double-side planer achieves the desired accuracy and smoothness.

● Consistent thickness

● Sturdy construction

● High rotation rate spindle


● Possibly expensive with these versatile features

Multi Rip Saw Machine Benefits

These machines boast features that are versatile for various woodworking projects. Elevate your craftsmanship and artisanship with a rip saw machine. High Efficiency and Productivity: Time is a crucial factor to achieve more in woodworking projects. You can take on more projects with these tools. It takes less time to design, and mold, etc. wood pieces with optimal accuracy and precision. You can process large timber volumes in less time efficiently.

Consistent Results: With these machines, you can get consistent efficient results. Male necessary adjustments in guides and fences to get uniform cutting throughout.

Sustainable Functioning: These rip saw machines reduce material waste. This not only saves costs but also a sustainable approach. You get efficient woodcuts with nearly zero offcuts.

Versatile Design: The versatility factor has unbeatable benefits as compared to manual cutting ways. Woodworkers can trim, design, profile, mold, and more with a single piece of equipment. Make certain adjustments according to requirements, and get desired outcomes.

If we consider the benefits, rip saw machines easily outweigh the drawbacks. If you buy woodworking after making necessary considerations, you’re going to have billions of benefits in single equipment.

   Considerations Before Buying Multi Rip Saw Machine

Woodworking machines have several benefits as well as some disadvantages like maintenance cost, skill requirements, etc. To make sure you choose the right product, there are some considerations to be made.

Cutting capacity: Cutting capacity is a crucial factor to consider so you can buy a versatile design machine. In this way, you work on multiple projects and make additional revenue. The machine should have maximum width and thickness.

Blade Size: You can perform a variety of cuts with versatility in blades. Check the range of blades so you can perform different specific cuts.

Motor Power: Cutting efficiency depends on the power of the motor. The machine should handle a variety of wood-cutting requirements. So check the horsepower rate of the motor as well as the motor type.  

Safety features: Safety should be your priority. Check blade guards, emergency stops, and anti-kickback mechanisms.

Maintenance and Serviceability: Look for models with easy-to-access components. Also, check the availability of spare parts and the reputation of the supplier or manufacturer.

Price: Compare features and prices of products offered by different manufacturers or suppliers. There should be a striking balance in the cost, quality, and required capabilities.

You should also consider the reputation of manufacturers to avoid anything fishy. V-Hold is our recommendation considering their dedication to offering the best woodworking machines since they were founded in 1996. Due diligence on these crucial factors, you are going to fall for the best suitable rip saw machine for diverse purposes.

Who is V-Hold Machinery?

V-HOLD is a large well-known company for woodworking machinery production. It is integrated into woodworking machinery research, processing, marketing, and application services. It was founded in 1996.  V-Hold is committed to providing secure, reliable, efficient, energy-saving, and economical production equipment.

Most of their products including 4 side molders, Double side planers, Single rip saws, and Multiple rip saws have passed ISO 9001: 2001, and other European safety and quality standards. Quality and safety in their products have earned V-Hold the title of “Famous Brand of Guangdong Province”.

In the last three decades, the company has constructed strong hardware facilities and a humanized management system. It is bringing brand-new large automotive precision CNC machine centers from parts of the developed countries including Germany and Japan. V-HOLD has a large workshop spanned over 67,000with modern facilities to facilitate production lines. V-Hold has also cooperated with the world's famous firms and modern business administration systems including ERP, and 6S that helped V-Hold build a solid foundation of development. 
V-Hold has earned the trust of customers. They are consistently committed to the belief that profession and concentration accomplish an excellent brand!

Wrapping up

Multi Rip Saw has several benefits that make it a viable option to use. Eventually, it comes down to the suitability of specific needs and the scale of the woodworking operation. V-Hold is an experienced manufacturer serving since 1960. Visit the official website to get yourself introduced to the variety they provide in products including Multi/Single Rip Saw. That is why we also reviewed the best products manufactured by the V-Hold. These products carry functions that most woodworkers crave their toolbox should have. Hopefully, this small effort will turn out to be great for you to reach an informed decision. You should have learned essential features till now after finishing the post that you are going to consider in the first or next multi-rip saw product. Happy buying!


1. What is a straight-line rip saw, and how is it different from other types of saws?

A straight-line rip saw is used in the woodwork to make long and straight cuts in the wood. Unlike circular saws or jigsaws, these saws are designed for straight cuts along the length of a workpiece. It features a single, straight saw blade, and precision fence to achieve accurate and consistent cuts.

2. How does the variable feed speed feature in a rip saw machine make precise cutting performance top-notch?

The variable feed speed enables woodworkers to control speed through the saw blade. It contributes to greater control over the cutting process to ensure precise cutting performance. Feed speed is adjustable to match the requirements of wood material accordingly. Slower feed speeds are perfect for intricate or delicate cuts. A faster feed speed is for achieving quick and efficient cuts.