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Best Wood Molding Machines and the Advantages

Best Wood Molding Machines and the Advantages


A wood molding machine is a type of equipment used to shape and create several designs or profiles on wooden pieces. These designs or profiles are also known as moldings or trims. Molding machines come in a variety of types including spindle molders, molding planes, and CNC routers. Each type serves a specific purpose in molding wood.

When it comes to wooden molding machine manufacturers, V-HOLD is a name of quality, serving since 1960. They are committed to providing secure, reliable, efficient, and energy-saving equipment at economical rates. Most products like 4 side molders, Double side planners, Single rip saws, and Multiple rips adhere to ISO 9001: 2000 and other European quality standards.

In this blog article, we will dig into the best molding machines made by V-HOLD for designing or profiling wood. We will also see the advantages of using molding machines.

Best Wooden Moulding Machines at V-Hold

Four side moulder VH-616A 

VH-M616A is a four-sided planar machine. It contains high high-precision spindle, high rotational speed, and independent motor start.


● Weight-resistant cutting gearbox

● Stop device

● High limit switch

● Standard short material device

● products standard frequency conversion feeding system,

● Products standard frequency conversion feeding 6-36 m / min

● High precision spindle, and rotational speed 6200r/min

● Independent motor start, according to the customer's actual processing needs,

● Independent according to the customer

● The motor starts separate opening and closing spindle


VH-M616A is mainly used for:

● Solid wood

● Fibreboard

● For furniture small cutting four-sided polishing or simple linear processing such as Roman column, kick line, solid wood picture frame, and more.

Pros and Cons


● Perfect for solid wood, fibreboard, and other furniture small cutting.

● High-precision spindle with high rotational speed.

● Independent motor starts with a separate opening and closing spindle.

● Easy to feed both wet and dry materials smoothly.

● Efficient dust removal


● High initial investment

V-HOLD 4 Sided Planer Moulder - VH-M521GH 


VH-M521GH is a 4-sided planar molder with a superior material delivery system. It can function at the highest feeding speed of 60m/min with an automatic feeding system. It is the best professional solution for planning large amounts of wood material.


● High feeding speed 60m/min

● The Max working width is 210mm with 5 spindles.

● Installed an in-feed table to ensure wood material is fed continuously at high speed.

● L conveyor to reduce work intensity.

● Gear case for short material to achieve smooth cutting.

● Adjustable speed


VH-M521GH has several possible uses on different scales.

● It is used for planning large amounts of wood material.

● Viable to use at 25-210 working width and 8-140 working thickness.

● You can use on large amount of finger joint wood and short pieces.

Pros and Cons


● High feeding speed with automatic feeding system.

● Best professional solution to work on large amounts of wood material.

● Low wood processing time and improves efficiency reducing labor cost.

● Equipped with a gear case for continuous feeding and smooth cutting.


● Expensive

Four side moulder VH-626V

VH-M626V is an aggravated type wooden molding machine with high precision four sides planar machine. It is good to work on maximum thickness.


● Max working width 260mm

● Max working thickness

● 2, 2 spindles on both left and right vertical spindles

● Accurate control

● The upper shaft contains two feeding systems with large cutting volumes.


This machine is a power pack solution making it viable for many purposes.

● It is perfect for designing European window designs.

● You can use it for complex handrail designs as well as desktop profiling.

● Two sets of feeding systems to work on large cutting volumes.

Pros and Cons


● Pneumatic compression system

● Precisely ordered internal structure.

● Max working width and thickness


● Less favorable functions than other options available on the website.

Wood Moulder For Sale - VH-MB2045D Double Side Planner 


VH-MB2045D Double Side Planner is a max working width and thickness machine. It comes with four knives and a high spindle rotation rate.


● Max. working width 450 (mm) and thickness 150 (mm)

● 4 cutting knives

● Spindle rotation rate 4500

● Total power 15.57 of top and bottom spindle, and elevating and feeding motors.

● Centralized lubrication system to facilitate the lifting system maintenance lubrication.


VH-MB2045D is a great choice for achieving high-precision woodworking.


● Digital display makes it viable for a diverse pool of uses.

● Simple thickness settings to achieve desired outcomes working on handrails, chair designs, etc.

● With the display gate magnetic sensors, you can achieve higher accuracy while working on small-level work.

Pros and Cons


● High feeding speed 60m/min with max working width.

● Auto feeding to ensure wood material to be fed continuously.

● L conveyor to reduce work intensity.

● Gear case to achieve continuous feeding and smooth cutting.


● Expensive and lacks detailing in features.

Wood Planner Machine - VH-MB2063 Double Side Planner 


VH-MB2063 is an excellent wooden molding machine that carries max working width and thickness with 4 cutter knives to get things done smoothly.


● Working width 635mm

● Attached numerical controller

● Optional spiral cutter head

● Centralized lubrication system to lift the system maintenance lubrication.

● Lifting column with Centralized lubrication system

● Digital display and easy operation

● Easy and simple thickness settings

● The alarm detector is on overload if stripping occurs with the feeding chain


VH-MB2063 is a viable option for getting woodworking operations in a swift and smooth pattern.

● Quick and easy thickness settings to achieve desired quality results to to minor level.

● Great accuracy than conventional proximity sensors to produce designs and profiles on handrails, chairs, desktops, etc.

● Auto-lubricated grease device to get things done smoothly.

Pros and Cons


● Centralized lubrication system to facilitate the lifting system maintenance lubrication.

● Digital display and reduced mechanical transmission wear.

● Easy thickness settings

● Gate magnetic induction switch to achieve accuracy.

● Rear operation box for emergency machine stopping.

● The feeding device prevents overload and gives a safe operation.


● Skill requirements

Wood Planer Moulder - VH-MB2032 Double Side Planner 


VH-MB2032 is a wooden molding machine that boasts a diverse range of features including max working width, thickness,  and high spindle rotation.


● Working width 320mm

● Attached flat knife shaft

● Feeding Frequency

● Centralized lubrication system for lifting maintenance lubrication.

● Easy operations with digital display.

● Simple thickness settings

● Gate magnetic induction switch to achieve accuracy higher than conventional proximity sensor.

● Rear operation box for emergency stopping.


VH-MB2032 boasts features that you need, especially on a smaller scale.

● The machine offers fine planning surfacing without noise.

● Imported digital display makes processing of thickness at a smaller scale easier.

Pros and Cons


● Visual observation through upper and lower planning motor to aware of overload while working.

● Auto grease device to keep working with the lubrication while working.

● The feeding device prevents overload and gives a safe operation.

● Gate magnetic induction switches to achieve the desired accuracy.

● Thickness Quick set to do thickness settings easily.


● It should have a higher working width.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wooden Moulding Machine

Using the wood molding machine for designing wood has several advantages.

High Production Efficiency: As these machines have automated molding processes, profiling is faster and more efficient than manual molding. It leads to increased production rates and reduced manufacturing time.

Cost Savings: Except for initial costs, these machines save on costs in the long term. The automated nature of molding machines minimizes labor cost, reduce material wastage, and improves overall efficiency in the work.

Customization: Modern molding machines are often easily customizable. You can program and change tools enabling desired outcomes without making manual adjustments.

Precision and Consistency: With molding machines, you can create intricate and uniform shapes with great precision and consistency. You can achieve consistent quality across the entire production.

Versatility: You can produce a wide range of shapes and sizes with a wood molding machine. They offer versatility in work, and the ability to meet diverse requirements.


Wood molding machines are highly effective for achieving several types of designs across the entire production batch. Learn a little bit of skill and you are on course of mastery!

Wrapping up

A wooden molding machine is a perfect tool to get designing and profiling in woodwork done smoothly and with great accuracy. With a cutter and spindle, you can remove wood at a higher speed. Cutting in various, grooves, and edge shapes becomes a breeze. Machines vary by feed power and multiple cutter heads depending on the type of work. Hopefully, this blog article will help you learn about the different best wooden molding machines produced by V-Hold. V-Hold boasts quality in its products that you won't have to look any further.


1. How to get the latest price and model details?

Yes, you can send an inquiry message on the message board at the bottom left of each product. Manufacturers will reach out to you with details. Online chat QQ, Weixin, WhatsApp, Skype, etc. is also available.

2. What is a 4 side plane?

A machine that carries four cutting heads to take large sections of rough timber to produce profiles in one pass.

3. How long does it take to deliver product(s)?

Product is delivered within 30-45 days after the deposit is received. This policy is for standard products. Some special orders can take more time. For more, inquiry or contact us directly.