The Importance of Knife Selection in 4-Sided Moulding: A Guide for Woodworkers

by:V-hold Machinery      2023-07-03


When it comes to 4-sided moulding for woodworking projects, having the right knife selection plays a crucial role in determining the final outcome of the project. Different knives come with different blade angles, styles, and lengths, and each of these factors plays a significant role in determining how a blade will perform on a particular type of wood.

A knife that is perfect for one type of wood may not be appropriate for another, which is why selecting the right knife is vital. This guide reviews the importance of knife selection in 4-sided moulding and provides a brief insight into how woodworkers can choose the right knife for their projects.

Understanding Knife Angle and Blade Length

Knife angle and blade length are crucial factors to consider when choosing a knife for 4-sided moulding. The angle of the blade determines the depth of cut and the type of cut produced on the wood. A low-angle knife will have a shallower cut, while a high-angle knife has a deeper cut. In 4-sided moulding, most woodworkers prefer using high-angle knives since they tend to produce a smoother finish on the moulding.

When it comes to blade length, a longer blade is generally more suitable for longer pieces of wood than a shorter one. A longer blade can cover a more extensive area without the woodworker having to move it back and forth too many times, which can help to save time and effort. However, longer blades can be harder to manage, especially for beginners, and may not be suitable for smaller projects.

Types of Knives for 4-Sided Moulding

There are several types of knives available for 4-sided moulding, and each of these knives comes with its own unique characteristics and benefits. Here are some of the most common knives that woodworkers use for 4-sided moulding.

1. Hollowing Knife

The hollowing knife has a curved blade with a concave shape on the back of the blade. This shape helps to prevent the knife from digging too deeply into the wood, which can result in uneven surfaces. The hollowing knife is most suitable for cutting grooves and folds in wood, as well as for making straight cuts on the grain.

2. Beading Knife

The beading knife is ideal for creating intricate decorative patterns on wood. It has a triangular blade with a pointed tip that can cut through wood diagonally. Beading knives come in different sizes, with smaller ones being suitable for detailing work, and larger ones for wider beads.

3. Fishtail Knife

The fishtail knife is named after its fishtail-shaped blade. This knife is ideal for cutting into tight spaces, such as corners or curves, where other knives may not reach. Fishtail knives come in different sizes, and larger ones are ideal for cutting into deeper spaces.

4. Chamfering Knife

Chamfering knives are suitable for creating beveled edges on wood, which can add a decorative touch to the woodwork. Some chamfering knives come with adjustable blades, allowing the woodworker to adjust the angle of the blade to create different types of bevels.

5. Reeding Knife

Reeding knives have a serrated edge that can create ridges on the wooden surface. These ridges can add texture and character to the surface and are often used to create a decorative effect on the wood.


Selecting the right knife for 4-sided moulding is essential for producing high-quality, aesthetically pleasing projects. Understanding the different types of knives and their characteristics can help woodworkers choose the right tool for the job.

When selecting a knife, it's essential to consider the type of wood being used, the length of the blade, and the angle of the blade. The most suitable knife for one project may not be suitable for another, which is why having a variety of knives in your toolbox can be beneficial. By using the right knife for the job, woodworkers can achieve professional-looking results that are sure to impress.

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